This year we will explore a wide variety of biological concepts, from the smallest elements of life to the makeup of very complex systems such as plants, animals and the ecosystems where they live. The biology concepts you learn and scientific habits of mind you develop in this course will help you prepare for the Washington State End of Course Exam in June. I am part of 9th Grade Team B and I will be working with Joe Olson (Humanities) and Kate Zender (Math). Together we look forward to a great transition to high school! My hope is this science class will be fun but challenge you to do work you are proud of in the end. 

How to Have an Awesome Year in 9th Grade Biology:

  • Believe that you will succeed.
  • Be on time and actively involved in all class activities.
  • You have the right to ask questions and the responsibility to help others in the class.
  • Complete your work on time.
  • Study a little each night and ask questions along the way
  • Be safe during laboratory work.

Wondering what your homework is? Or when it is due? Click here for our class calendar. 

Detailed information about class expectations can be found in the syllabus.