Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  When is homework due?
A:  Homework is due each Friday, unless there is no school, then you should check at the top of your student's homework sheet.

Q:  When is homework given?
A:  Homework is given each Friday, unless there is no school, then it may be sent home earlier in the week.

Q:  What does my child need to do for homework?
A:  Homework includes reading 100 minutes a week, practicing math facts, a math packet, and writing homework. (Writing h.w. does not begin until October)

Q:  Does my child need to read each night?
A:  Although it is beneficial for students to read each night for about 20 minutes, as long as 100 minutes are read it does not matter how you split up the time.

Q:  How can my child practice math facts?
A:  Students are all working on individual levels. Practice can be in the form of filing out a math fact sheet, making flashcards out of 3x5 cards, visiting a math website and playing a game that will help with this, or filling out math triangle cards to use for practice.  The math triangle cards and some other resources can be found in the documents section. You may print these triangle cards out for your students and use these for practice. 

Q: What do I do if my child loses their homework sheet?
A:  You may go to the documents section and print out a generic homework sheet. Just remember to add the date it is due at the top.

Q:  What about the writing sheet on the back of the homework sheet?
A:  You may also find a copy of this in the documents section. Just print one out and fill it out.

Q:  What do I do if my child is sick?
A:  It would be beneficial if you can pick up any missed work at school. At times, I can send missed work with a sibling or neighbor if you let me know.