Ancient Mesopotamia

Ancient tablets, Ancient Graves: Accessing Women's Lives in Mesopotamia  This web site provides a great reference tool in addition to your textbook. Here you will learn about women's lives in Mesopotamia. During this time, women did not have the same rights as men. Over time, women's positions and rights changed. Women with high status, like members of the royal families, could learn to read and write. Lean more about women in ancient world history by visiting this informative website.

Ration tablet from Mesopotamia  Account of Rations for Six Persons
Working as Messengers for the City Governor 
Mesopotamia, Umma. ca. 2040 B.C.

Stone Vessel  Vessel found in a grave.

Stone bowl found in Mesopotamia  “Links with  ancient India?”

Board Games and Toys - GVRL  Restored game board

Family Life – GVRL  Deportation image

Cosmetics and Perfumes – GVRL

Victory Celebration – GVRL

Pottery – GVRL

Sports - hunting and wrestling – GVRL

Kingship – GVRL  Variety of ancient artifacts

Agriculture – GVRL

Medicine – GVRL

Childbirth and Children – GVRL

Clothing – GVRL

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