Civil War Era Terms/Ideas



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Abolition Movement - GVRL

Influence of Prominent Abolitionists

Abolition, Anti-Slavery Movements, and the Rise of the Sectional Controversy

Appomattox Courthouse

Appomattox CourthouseGVRL

Civil War - GVRL

Appomattox Court House | Article | World Book Advanced

Bloody Kansas

John BrownGVRL

James, Jesse - GVRL

The Kansas-Nebraska Act and Bleeding Kansas

Compromise of 1850

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Compromise of 1850GVRL

Compromise of 1850 - GVRL

Compromise of 1850 | Article | World Book Advanced

The Compromise of 1850 (1849-1850)

Struggles over Slavery: The Compromise of 1850

The Compromise of 1850 and the Fugitive Slave Act

Emancipation Proclamation

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Emancipation ProclamationGVRL

Blacks in the Civil War - GVRL

Emancipation Proclamation | Article | World Book Advanced

Emancipation Proclamation (1863)

The Emancipation Proclamation

Fugitive Slave Law

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Fugitive Slave LawsGVRL

Resistance to the Fugitive Slave Act - GVRL

Fugitive slave laws | Article | World Book Advanced

Long Road_Fugitive Slave Law

The Compromise of 1850 and the Fugitive Slave Act

Missouri Compromise

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Missouri CompromiseGVRL

1800-1858: The North and the South Seek CompromiseGVRL

Compromise of 1850 - GVRL

Missouri Compromise | Article | World Book Advanced

Missouri Compromise: Primary Documents in American History

The expansion of slavery and the Missouri Compromise

Missouri Compromise

Shifting Political Landscape


Quakers - GVRL

Quaker Hill & The Underground Railroad

Little Creek African American Settlement

Secession of southern states


A House Dividing - GVRL

SECESSION | The Handbook of Texas Online