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7th Grade CBA Links

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Crusades - World Book - Kids - general overview of the Crusades.


Saladin - World Book - Kids - Muslim leader during the third Crusade.


Crusades - World Book - Student - more in-depth overview of the Crusades.


First and Third Crusades Map - World Book - Student - map of the routes taken during the first and third Crusades.


Peter the Hermit - World Book - Student - a monk who preached the need to take back the Holy Land during the First Crusade.


Origins of the Crusades - GVRL  -- be sure to sign in first -- a thorough overview of the Crusades including historical opinion of the motivating factors that resulted in the Crusades.


Geographical World at the times of the Crusades - GVRL -- be sure to sign in first -- a historical perspective of the religious factions involved in the cause of the Crusades.


History of the Crusades - GVRL -- be sure to sign in first -- a history of events (some unusual) that occurred during the Crusades.


Destruction of Jewish Diaspora and Second Jewish Temple

The Jewish World - GVRL -- be sure to sign in first -- an overview of Jewish settlements and historical information.


Johanan ben Zakkai - GVRL -- be sure to sign in first -- a biography of Johanan who was very important during the siege on Jerusalem and establishment of an alternative seat for the Sanhedrin (Jewish Supreme Court).


Judaism - GVRL -- be sure to sign in first - - Overview of Jewish history and traditions. The sections on History and Development as well as Pilgrimages are especially helpful.


Current Christian and Muslim interactions

Daily Press Briefing - April 8, 2013 - questions and answers regarding ongoing struggles in Israel/Palestine and Egypt between Jews, Christians, and Muslims.


Irael: Bits, Bytes and Bombs - New York Times - article discussing current tensions in Israel.


News Analysis: Egyptian president tries to heal division between Muslims, Copts - Xinhua News - article written about the tensions between the Copts (native Egyptian Christians) and the Muslims in relationship to government policy and law.


Jews - World Book online - article is an overview of the history of the Jews up through fairly current times.


Five Things You need to Know about the Middle East - brief synopsis of the current tensions in Israel and Palestine.

Roman response to the Jewish revolt

Wars between the Jews and Romans - website describing the Jewish uprising and the Roman response.


Palestine History - a history of the lead-up, revolts, and aftermath.


The Bar-Kokhba Revolt - Jewish Virtual Library - The Jewish historical account of the revolts and the Roman reaction.


U.S. Intervention in Afghanistan

Terrorism Based in the Middle-East - GVRL-- be sure to sign in first -- a history of the terrorist activities in the Middle-East including Afghanistan.


World Islamic Front Statement - Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders - Usamah Bin-Ladin’s statement against the U.S. calling for death to U.S.


Can Operation Moshtarak Deliver? - article discussing the Afghanistan war, Teleban, U.S. and British involvement.


U.S.Relations with  Afghanistan - U.S. Government statement by U.S. Department of state.


Afghanistan - CultureGrams article discusses the history of what lead up to the U.S. intervention in Afghanistan.

Treatment of Christians in the Roman Empire

Christianity and the Roman Empire - BBC History of Christianity within the Roman Empire.


Basics of Christian History - BBC history of Christians. (Skip to the heading Roman Empire.)


Distinctions and Definitions - GVRL -- be sure to sign in first -- addresses the role of Religion in ancient Rome and mentions why “separation of church and state” would not have been possible in ancient Rome.


Pharaohs (god-kings) of Egypt

Egyptian Civilization- overview containing role and power of the pharaoh in relationship to other citizens of Egypt.


Egypt's Golden Empire - pbs site with role of the pharaohs information. Explore “New Kingdom”, “The Pharaohs”, “Religion”, and “Egyptian Society” tabs.


Pharaoh: Lord of the Two Lands - British Museum presents information about the Pharaoh’s role.


Separation of Church and State in the U.S.

Church and State - GVRL -- be sure to sign in first -- historical perspective on the development of the Constitution of the United States which included a separation between Church and State.


Historic Roots of the Judicial Branch - GVRL -- be sure to sign in first -- an overview of the origins of our Judicial branch.


Christianity - GVRL -- be sure to sign in first -- an overview of Christianity. (Skip to the heading Persecution of early Christians.)


Church and State - GVRL -- be sure to sign in first -- an overview of the relationship between church and state.

Muslim/Islamic Empire Foundation

Arab World, Doing Business in the - uses historical perspective to look at current practices.


Muslims - World Book online - overview from origins to current times of Muslims.


Religion and Philosophy Overview - general overview of Islamic religion.


Sultanates - explanation of the differences of power between sultans and khalifahs.


Saudi Arabia - overview of history including Islam past through present.


Recent Saudi Arabia

Saudis Launch Islamic Unity Drive - BBC News article 2008 Saudi Monarch’s statement prior to interfaith discussions.


Saudi Arabia: Government  - CultureGrams government information mentions the role of religion.


Saudi Arabia: Religion - CultureGrams religion information identifies the connection between religion, government, and daily life.


Background Notes: Saudi Arabia (1/09) - extensive notes on Saudi Arabia from the U.S. government.

Magna Carta

Magna Carta - World Book online presentation of the development and implementation of the document.


Magna Carta - GVRL -- be sure to sign in first -- overview of the Magna Carta and its influence over the U.S. Constitution Bill of Rights.


Magna Carta - Enchanted Learning brief description.


Code of Hammurabi

What's so Important about the Code of Hammurabi  - overview of the document.


The Avalon Project: Babylonian Law - The Code of Hammurabi - description of the Code.

Twelve Tables

Twelve Tables, Laws of the - World Book online description of the Twelve Tables.


The Laws of the Twelve Tables, c.450 B.C. - defines the Twelve Tables and lists some of the laws.


U.S. Constitution Bill of Rights

Magna Carta - GVRL -- be sure to sign in first -- identifies influences of Magna Carta on the U.S. Constitution.


Due Process of Law: Procedural and Substantive Issues - discusses influences of ancient laws on current laws.


Bill of Rights - GVRL -- be sure to sign in first -- examines the development of the Bill of Rights.


Law - World Book online article describing Magna Carta, Code of Hammurabi, the Twelve Tables and the Bill of Rights in relationship to development of law.


Bill of Rights - Enchanted Learning brief description and list.


U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights

On This Day: UN Adopts Universal Declaration of Human Rights - account of the debate, development and adoption.


U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights - GVRL -- be sure to sign in first -- description of the document, purpose, and development.


Universal Declaration of Human Rights - GVRL -- be sure to sign in first -- description of the document, purpose, and development.

Greek Citizenship

Sparta- World Book online - provides a good description of varying classes of people and their daily life and rights.


A History of Ancient Greece: Sparta - describes varying classes of people and their roles in society.


Roman Citizenship

Ancient Rome - GVRL -- be sure to sign in first -- describes early Rome and mentions the role of a citizen and clash between people of differing wealth.


Social Pecking Order in the Roman World - BBC article clearly describes the different classes of people and their rights/responsibilities.


Social Class and Public Display - clearly lays out the class distinctions.

American Immigration

Citizen- general information about citizenship including references to Greek and Roman citizens.


Buchanan, Pat - GVRL -- be sure to sign in first -- a biography of a man who is an anti-immigrant crusader. Gives reasons to halt immigration.


Introduction: The Nation of Immigrants GVRL -- be sure to sign in first -- thorough overview of immigration in the U.S. from past to present.


Immigration - World Book online - overview of immigration specifically looks at U.S.