Teen Violence

Teen Violence

Violence in Schools - GVRL - be sure to sign in first – Overview of the violence in schools with many opinions as to the cause of the violence.


Juvenile Criminals and Victims - GVRL - be sure to sign in first – Overview of teens as victims or perpetrators of  violence.


Violence and Competition – GVRL - be sure to sign in first – Discussion of the increase of violence in sports.


Juvenile Delinquency – GVRL - be sure to sign in first – Looks at the rise of juvenile delinquency and contributing factors.


The Impact of Video Games on Children – Looks at the potential impact, tips to parents, ratings, and references.


Study: Violent Video Game Play Makes More Aggressive Kids – Results of an Iowa State University professor’s study.


Do Violent Video Games Lead to Real Violence? – Looks at some studies about video games and their effect student aggression.


Do Violent Video Games Contribute to Youth Violence? – Looks at the pros and cons around the issue.


Sports Machismo may be Cue to Male Teen Violence – Penn State study of aggression in sports and the impact on aggression outside of sports on the part of not only the players, but their friends as well.