8th Grade Daily Roadmap & Homework



9/26 - 9/30

Monday:  Begin PokeMatter character profiles (physical & chemical properties of matter)

Tuesday:  Complete PokeMatter character profiles-due by end of class today

Wednesday:  Quiz on Properties of Matter





9/19 - 9/23  

Monday:  --Physical Properties notes


     No Homework

Tuesday:  --Physical Properties Exploration Lab

     No Homework--Hope to see you at Open House tonight

Wednesday:  --Physical Properties Exploration Lab review

     No Homework

Thursday: --Argumentative paragraph assessment

    No Homework

Friday: PokeMatter Go! Round 1

    No Homework


9/12 - 9/16

Monday:  --Scientific Process Pre-Assessment

     No Homework

Tuesday:  --Grade Pre-Assessment

                --Reflect & set personal goals around Pre-Assessment

     No Homework

Wednesday: --What is Matter

                     --Exit ticket

      No Homework

Thursday: --Metric Conversions

                 --Ice-cold Lemonade activity

                 --Cornell Notes: Matter

      No Homework

Friday:  The Great Straw Challenge of 2016

   No Homework