Classroom Information

Our Classroom Community

Because I believe that learning is a consequence of thinking, every day you will see children reading, writing and talking in our classroom.

Because I believe that students need to be engaged in their learning and take ownership for it, every day you will see students making choices about what to read, where to read, and what to write.

Because I believe that every student deserves a great year of growth, every day you will see students explaining their learning goals and working hard to meet them.


Our General Schedule (subject to change)

9:05  Morning Message--vocabulary development, attendance

9:25  Writer's Workshop

10:25  Reader's Workshop

11:30  Lunch

12:00  Calendar Math

12:20  Recess

12:50 Word Work, Grammar, Interactive Writing, Read Aloud

1:35  Specialist

2:30  Recess

2:35  Math Workshop

3:40  Pack up and Dismissal

Wednesday Schedule

10:35  Morning Message--vocabulary development, attendance

10:55  Science/Social Studies

11:50  Lunch

12:30  Recess

1:00  Art, Steps to Respect, Read Aloud

2:00  Recess

2:25  Specialist

2:55  Math Workshop

3:40  Pack up and Dismissal


*Please notify me, either through a note sent to school in your child's folder or a phone call to the office, of any change in your child's after school routine.