*Updated* (Sept. '13)
Melissa Johnson
Learning Specialist-Gr. 8
Mountain View Middle School
10921 199th Ave. Ct. E.
Bonney Lake, WA 98391



"You can't play a symphony alone, it takes an orchestra to play it."
-Navjot Singh Sidhu

**Note from Miss Johnson**
September '13

Parents and Students,

     I hope you are all as excited as I am to start a new school year. I was glad to meet some of you (both students and parents) at our Wolf Pride Day that was on August 28th! I was also glad to start off the first week of school getting to know students in my classroom, introducing myself, and setting some routines and procedures up to better student success. All MMS teachers are partnering this year to make sure the planner is used in every classroom not just as a hall pass, but as an organizer. We are all incorporating "S.L.A.N.T." as a way for students to continually be reminded of how to stay successful in the learning environment. We are working to incorporate cross-curricular activities in classrooms as well. One way we are doing this is by having students learn the importance of "summary" as a skill. Students will be expected to summarize in many different ways in all of their classes. It will also be a way to aid in their writing skills. I hope this gives you an idea of our high expectations throughout the year for our students. We know they are very capable, and I'm excited to watch them grow! 

Please use this website for many reasons as follows:
     -Announcements: Things that are happening at MMS
     -Documents: I will post any documents that we use in the school year that may need easy access at
                        home such as graphic organizers, worksheets etc.
     -Events: This is a helpful tab that will let you know when assessments are coming up once I plan
     -Practice Work: This tab helps you get an understanding of my feelings on "homework." I will not
                            use it to update you on assignments. That will be in the image gallery! 
     -Image Gallery: I will take a picture of MY planner weekly and post it. This will help you understand            
                           what your student should have in their planner. This will also help aid your child        
                           when they are absent.
     -Links: This is such a helpful page! It give you online resources that will help you in math and
                language arts! Please use it! Practice your reading skills. Practice watching videos or
                listening to audio on how to complete math problems. Take practice quizzes. Challenge
     -Contact: Use this last tab if you need to quickly contact me with a question!
-Miss Johnson