Practice Work

homework.pngIt is important that students create a solid routine of taking time for homework/practice work.
It takes a consecutive 30 days to establish a good habit and/or break a bad habit. 

Students will always have "PW" which stands for "practice work" written in their planners. Next to this acronym will be the assignment they are expected to complete on their own time.
If a student does NOT have anything written for practice work, they are still expected to read 30 minutes a day in a book of their choice at their level. They can also look the the "links" page I have provided to get MORE practice on a concept in. This is regardless of the subject area they have me in.
I want to explain that I don't prefer saying homework, because it isn't the only place where students necessarily need to finish "outside of school hour" work. Students are welcomed to come in before or more preferably after school to continue working on assignments.  The word "homework" also has gained quite the negative stigma when brought up. I do apologize for my snoopy graphic having that word, since it makes me look a bit hypocritical. I need to fix it from making it a few years back!
Basically, the more practice they get, the more successful they'll be.