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Please contact me with questions or comments: breanne_coats@sumnersd.org

This site is more for basic classroom information. Students can typically find documents in their own Google Drive folders. If the document cannot be found in their folder and is not on here, please e-mail me. I will respond as quickly as I can.

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Schedule for 2015-16 School Year:

1st period: 10th Grade English in 21B

2nd period: Read 180 in 21B

3rd period: Read 180 in 21B

4th period: 10th Grade English in 22B

5th period: 10th Grade English in 21B

6th period: Planning period (no set room for this time)

After school: In the library for tutoring or in my classroom offering after school support. 

*If you are staying after to receive help, please notify me. I want to make sure I'm there that day to help you!


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I feel blessed that on top of being an English and reading teacher at SHS, I also get the privilege of being Junior Class Advisor, a Spart Crew Advisor, and YoungLife Club advisor. If you are trying to reach me in regard to one of these roles, I encourage you to e-mail me.

If you are looking for some free reading materials or resources, please visit the SHS Library Home Page!