Hello......My name is Joleen LaMay and I  teach Foundations of Fitness and Group Fitness. I also run our fitness center on campus 2-3 days a week. This is my 24th year of teaching Physical Education courses at Sumner High School.  You can contact me at 253-891-5500 EX. 621 or joleen_lamay@sumnersd.org

Physical Education is not what it used to be:  Our focus is to teach our students how to be physically fit for the rest of their lives.  That will involve fitness but also academic content, motor skill development and social/behavioral interactions through sports and fitness.  Developing a basic understanding of cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and body composition will guide the students through their learning.  We will focus on many aspects of fitness such as:  Heart rate, intensity, muscles, bones, bio mechanics of exercise, nutrition in relation to keeping fit, character development, teammwork, sportsmanship and leadership.  Also, showing our students all the devices they can use to help motivate and stay fit will be presented to them.

HEALTHY EATING  IMPROVES YOUR FITNESS:  My Plate is a great way to keep track of your eating and activity level.  
        This is what you need                   This is what we eat                                       

            Make half your plate fruits and vegetables and you're on your way to eating healthy.