Welcome to the Family & Consumer Science Department 

                                              Sumner Middle School


The Family & Consumer Science programs at Sumner Middle School are included in Career and Technical Education for Sumner School District.

The mission of all Family & Consumer Science programs is to educate students to become independent productive citizens, acquiring personal skills for independent life.
Each of these age-level-appropriate comprehensive semester long programs will provide all students with a variety of experiences in each of the following  curriculum areas.         

  -Career, Community, & Family Connections

 -Consumer and Family Resources

 -Nutrition and Wellness

  -Human Development


  -Communication & Interpersonal Relationships


The focus’ for learning experiences in each grade are as follows:

6th grade - Young Living change/coping with transition/success

7th grade – Teen Living -variety of personal skills/healthy lifestyle /resource management

8th grade – Creative Living- personal skills for independent life 

“Workplace ReadinessSkills” for life will be included in each course as it relates to the focus of the course.

                                Ms. Krog

                                Room 501
                  Phone 253-891-5000 ex 501