Sara M. Aguilar, M.S. (School Psychologist)

Hello Bobcats and Bobcat families,

   My name is Sara Aguilar and I am one of the School Psychologists here at Sumner Middle School. This will be my third year working at SMS and I am so happy to be part of the Bobcat team!

    Many people wonder, "Just what exactly is a school psychologist?" School psychologists help students succeed academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally.
School Psychologists work with students, families, teachers, and administrators to create safe and supportive learning environments for children. More information about school psychologists can be found at official website for the National Association of School Psychologists (

    Feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have. I will also have regular announcements posted on my webpage as well as resources that parents, teachers, and students may find helpful.

Sara M. Aguilar, M.S.
Nationally Certified School Psychologist
253-891-5000 X22117
Work days: Mon-Wed (Out of office: Thurs, Fri)