Sumner Middle School

Choir, Integrated Performing Arts

Leadership & ASB


Anna McLeod,

Planning: 1st period 7:25-8:30

SMS Phone # 253-891-5000


Congratulations MAC Auditioners!You did it; you're in!  I'm so excited about this mix of boys!  We're going to be an awesome group!  See you tomorrow morning for rehearsal at 6:30 am.

Taj Gray

Calvin Que

Dennis Baxter

Jibreel Penick

Emmanual Maravilla-Rosas

Blaine Hammack

Edrien House

William Connolly (pending audition- come to rehearsal tomorrow.  Apologies for the audition switch.)

Max May (pending audition- come to rehearsal tomorrow.)


Congratulations WAC Auditioners!  You did it!  Our first rehearsal is this Thursday, the 12th.  What an awesome group.  We will hold auditions again in January, if you want feedback to tryout again, please see or email Ms. McLeod.  I will happily help you figure out things to work on.  I'm very proud of you all!

Abigail Roach

Alex Riley

Ambria Lowry*

Andollina Lamanna

Ariel Maines

Ariel Tripp-Alexander

Ava Abel

Ava Verladi

Brianna Warren

Emma Olszewski

Emma Zweigler*

Grace Donohue

Grace Watson

Hannah Jacques*

Ivana Que

Kamile Pettie

Kela Sands*

Kendall Allen

Kylee Sims

Lesllie Perez

Lilly Bryan

Lorelei Bruce

Macie Campbell*

Maddisen Conner

Madeleine Griggs

Samantha Owens

Serena Williams

Stacia Stroh

Rose (7th grade)*

*If you have an asterick next to your name, I'm missing your paper and need it ASAP